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Why cold-pressed?

Cold-Pressing fresh vegetables and fruits produces an unadulterated, nutrient-rich juice, bursting with enzymes, vitamins and minerals that your cells instantly recognize and love. Think of it as the most potent, high-octane fuel for your body and mind!


What’s the difference versus conventional juicing methods?

Conventional juicing machines e.g. centrifugal juicers, like you’ll mostly find at your local cafe or juice bar, rely on speed and heat to extract the juice.  Whilst this process is very quick, the friction creates oxidation and separation, destroying much of the nutritional content of the juice. Our cold-pressing process is a much slower method. And the result is a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals.
As a plant passes through a cold pressed juicer, the cell walls are gently broken down exposing and releasing the synergy of power packed nutrients within. Without the fibres and bulk remaining these vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and oxygenated water are absorbed directly into your cells, literally flooding your body with healing goodness!
Hand-preparing our Cleanses and juices is a process that takes a wheelbarrow load of raw produce, precious time and lots of love and care... we think you're worth it! The result is an ultra-smooth (pulp-free) juice with distinct flavours that pop and that is not only nutrient-dense and full of raw goodness, but an absolute pleasure to drink. Keep it refrigerated and you’ll have the freshest, raw, unpasteurised, 'living' juice available that’s good for at least 3 days.


Why do we use glass bottles instead of plastic?


All of our juices are prepared in the highest quality, premium grade, glass bottles available.  Firstly, we believe that everything tastes better and stays fresher in glass. Secondly, glass does not contain any BPA’s or potentially harmful chemicals that are common with plastic.
Finally, glass bottles are re-usable and better for the environment.  Yes, glass is more expensive but we believe it’s worth it and we think you'll feel the same when you taste our products.